Our schemes offered via your employer, provide a wide range of devices and typical savings of around 40% compared with buying on the high street. What more could you ask for?

Ever wondered why you shut down your work device and jump straight onto your personal phone, tablet or pc to complete your weekly shop?

We did, and given the impact to the environment and cost of ownership we designed our schemes to remove the need for multiple devices, to provide employee savings and support remote or hybrid work policies.
Providing great savings on smartphones and airtime for employers and an exciting benefit for employees.

A cost effective model for supplying the latest technology that can be used at home, in the office or anywhere else.

RepairAdvantage Professional repairs for all leading brands, ensuring connectivity and great saving for employees.

A solution for every budget or requirement

All leading device brands and mobile networks, plus new and refurbished options to cater for every budget. This provides flexibility to choose the device that best suits your work and personal requirements.


Select a device and/or airtime from our online store and pay back over 24 or 36 months via payroll.


Online Store

Select a device and/or airtime from our online store during the agreed date range.



If you have an existing personal device to trade in, the value will apply as a discount against your deductions.


Terms & Conditions

Agree to a salary deduction over 24/36 months and company usage policies.



Your employer will carry out approvals. Monthly payroll deductions will not commence until after delivery.



Goods will be delivered via DPD during the shipment dates agreed. Typically to your home address.


End of Scheme

At the end of the scheme we will arrange collection of your device and you will have the option to re-join a new scheme.

Why choose a device through MobileAdvantage?

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