Hybrid Working

Whether your employees work from the office, at home, or anywhere else. Our model provides a cost effective way of keeping them connected.

The changing world of work

COVID 19 has had a huge impact on work patterns and policies, with recent media reports suggesting that over 40% of businesses are now either considering or have implemented hybrid or remote working policies for good. Some businesses are going even further, introducing flexi hours, effectively allowing staff to choose when and where they work, so long as targets and deadlines are met. The new normal will include working on a bus, train or in a cafe and typically using a phone, tablet or laptop to access email or cloud based data. Possibly in the evenings or weekends instead of more traditional working hours.
Employers only fund a % of the device/airtime cost
Reduced capital expenditure if you currently provide corporate phones

New technology i.e. 5G increases productivity and connectivity anywhere.

Great employee benefit and typical savings of 30-40%
Supports your carbon reduction goals

Keeping connected...

With more employees than ever needing to connect to apps and data, anywhere, anytime, we have designed a model that allows employers to provide the latest technology at a fraction of the normal cost. Improving efficiency and at the same time providing a significant £ saving for your employees.

Why its a win, win scenario...

Our scheme provides a significant saving for employees, enhancing your benefits proposition and aiding recruitment and retention. Trade in recycling options for old devices also helps the environment. Click here to find out how it works.

Do you currently provide corporate devices and want a
cost-effective alternative model?

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