Please see below for some of our frequently asked questions.

We set up a branded online portal for employees to select devices and/or airtime tariffs during a typical 2 week selection period run each quarter. Employers deduct the employee contributions via payroll. See here for more details.

We supply Apple, Samsung and all leading manufacturers of mobile phones and a variety of airtime tariffs from O2, Vodafone and EE.

Employees save on as they only fund a % of the device cost and can salary sacrifice for employee national insurance savings of up to 12%. Corporate or volume discounts also apply compared to individual purchases on the high street.

Yes we can offer the Smartphone Scheme on a device only basis. So employees can arrange their own personal SIM only airtime contracts.

If you are at the end of your business contract you can consider migrating to the SmartAdvantage Scheme and have the ability to adjust the employee contribution to suit your requirements. For example, if all of these employees were also funding personal airtime contracts then they may be happy to fund a large % under the scheme which would provide significant savings for both employer and employee.

Yes, we offer both new and refurbished devices to suit all budgets and requirements.

We provide the scheme on an operating lease basis so employers will receive a monthly invoice for the cost of devices + finance fee + (opt) insurance + airtime (if applicable). As you will have made payroll deductions prior to payment of the invoice this ensures that the scheme has minimal impact on cash-flow. The residual device value and any trade in discount is built into the cost of the lease therefore reducing the overall balance.

The residual value is set at the outset for each device and is based on the estimated value of the 2nd hand device when returned at the end of the scheme. For example, if you selected a new iPhone 12 worth £650 the residual value would be approx £130 at the end of the scheme therefore the balance to pay during the scheme would be £520.

Should an employee leave, we will need to be notified so we can cancel the airtime contract with 30 days notice. This should sync to the final payroll deduction. The employee will need to fund the balance remaining on the handset from their final pay. Alternatively they may return the handset for its fair market value which may leave a small deficit for the employee to pay.

MobileAdvantage will arrange collection of the device from each employee. This will be synced with the option to rejoin again for a further 2 or 3 year term. Alternatively at this point the employee can port their number off to their own personal airtime contract should they wish to come away from the scheme.

Yes, when joining the scheme we will provide a competitive valuation for the employees existing personal device which will be used to reduce the balance due during the scheme. We will then re-market these devices, putting them back into circulation and reducing demand for new models to help the environment. We can provide a report detailing the quantity, device type and potential CO2 emission impact for employers. We can also trade in corporate devices.

We recommend that MobileAdvantage device insurance is also provided for the duration of the scheme. This will also provide extended warranty on each device and accidental damage and theft/loss cover. Due to our model and volume through the scheme this will provide a further benefit to employees versus buying the same cover individually on the high street.

Yes, we are able to port their existing number to the new airtime tariff at the beginning of the scheme.

A large number of businesses now address this scenario by routing calls via their internal network or an app. This effectively means business calls can be made via a separate number i.e 0203 100 100 which is the number that will display and can be promoted to customers. It can also prevent work calls coming through on an evening.

They will need to wait to the end of their contract before joining, but if they have a SIM only airtime contract, they could opt to get a new device only under the scheme. i.e an iPhone 12

We provide access for employers to complete payroll checks and approve each employee selection. Employees will need to check against the national living wage etc.

Yes, we are able to provide an out of warranty break fix solution or blanket insurance cover for other devices or your entire estate via our RepairAdvantage Scheme. Please email info@mobileadvantage.co.uk for more information.

Yes, 5G is gradually being rolled out across the UK and is set to deliver speeds up to 3 times faster than some wifi networks. Whether you employees are working or on a train, bus or in the garden, 5G will improve productivity and reduce the frustration of laggy zoom meetings or bandwidth issues, anywhere, anytime.

As most employees are either using their personal phone to access emails, cloud based content or more recently home wifi or personal airtime data. We feel employers should contribute, particularly as devices are becoming more integral to new working patterns. For example some employers now use mobile phones to allow access to buildings, ask staff to utilise work focused app’s or simply stay connected via their mobile when out of the office.