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New Regulation for Smartphone Batteries

The European Parliament caused a major headache for smartphone and tablet manufacturers.


The European Union (EU) is set to assist in a new era of smartphones with batteries that consumers can easily replace themselves.


Earlier this week, the European Parliament approved new rules covering the design, production & recycling of all rechargeable batteries sold within the EU.


The new rules stipulate that all-electric vehicles, light means of transport (e.g. electric scooters), & rechargeable industrial batteries (above 2kWh) will need to have a compulsory carbon footprint declaration, label & digital passport.


587 European Parliamentarians voted to force all gadgets to have easily replaceable batteries, with only 9 opposing the change. By replaceable batteries, they mean the kind that powered 12-button phones, replacing what used to be as simple as popping open the back cover & slipping in a new unit.


For “portable batteries” used in devices such as smartphones, tablets & cameras, consumers must be able to “easily remove and replace them.” This will require an extreme design rethink by manufacturers, as most phone & tablet makers currently seal the battery away, requiring special tools & knowledge to access and replace them safely.


Apple has already been forced by the European Union to change from a Lighting port to a USB-C port on iPhones, with the iPhone 15 expected to be the first to make the switch. 


Now it seems Apple will need to figure out how to allow access to the battery inside future iPhones, as will every other smartphone manufacturer.


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