SmartAdvantage Savings Calculator

This calculator provides indicative employer savings if you currently offer business mobile phones, employee savings and the potential carbon footprint benefit of the scheme.

Typical Scenario

John Smith Ltd has 500 employees on payroll, in sales, marketing, customer services and finance roles. More than half work in sales or marketing and 10% of all staff occupy leadership positions.
50% of employees are provided with a business mobile and airtime contract for work usage, either due to seniority or because they spend some time in the field.
Of these employees, approx 60% also pay for their own personal mobile phone and/or airtime contract.
During the pandemic, the organisation has got used to doing more business on zoom and anticipates less business travel in the future. Given productivity has not declined, they are introducing a new hybrid work policy so employees can work outside of the office 2/3 days per week.
Common remote work issues so far have typically been bandwidth related, or in some cases employees didn’t have the latest tech needed to access applications. The organisation wants to ensure productivity and employee engagement, and feels it should contribute to home connectivity, but is unsure of the best approach to take.

How it work

We provide an online store which enables employees to choose from a wide range of new or refurb phones and/or airtime contracts. Employers will receive a monthly bill and collect the employee contributions via monthly payroll over the length of the scheme. This means that the scheme will have a minimal impact on cashflow.
We manage all deliveries, queries and end of scheme collections so you don’t have to.

Why MobileAdvantage

Enter the total number of employees in your organisation and the calculator will display the indicative savings available via SmartAdvantage if you are currently providing business mobiles, along with the £ benefit you will provide to employees and the carbon benefit to the environment.

Alternatively, if you simply want to calculate the cost of offering a SmartAdvantage Scheme to your organisation then go directly to step 2.

Total No of Employees in organisation
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Average Monthly Bill
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Number of Employees entering scheme
Employee Contribution %
Length of Scheme (months)
Monthly Employer cost for iPhone 12 64GB + Unlimited Airtime (Calls, Texts, Data)
Total Employer cost over length of scheme
Total Employer saving vs providing existing corporate phones + airtime
Number of Employees entering scheme
Employee deduction from NET Pay each month
Select an airtime provider to compare against
Cost per month of equivalent Phone and/or tariff from provider
Employee saving each month
Per employee saving using SmartAdvantage
Total Savings
% of all employees likely to join scheme
Total employees joining scheme
Total potential employee savings
Over 36 month
Notes: A further employee saving of up to 12% available if the deduction is made via salary sacrifice. Employer savings are typically based on reducing the provision of corporate phones However for a small monthly cost you can provide; - 5G Connectivity and speed (where applicable) for increased remote working patterns. - Redundancy for home user bandwith issues - A fair cost effective means of contributing to remote worker costs i.e to support data usage - Increased productivity when travelling to from the office
Number of Employees entering scheme
Number of employees likely to trade in personal device for recycling
Typical CO2 Emissions from new iPhone production
Carbon saving through recycling
Number of employees with both corporate and personal phone i.e 2 devices
Carbon saving by reducing the number of employees with 2 phones
Total potential Carbon Footprint Reduction via SmartAdvantage

Current Position

The organisation currently funds 250 iPhones, each with an Unlimited O2 Business Airtime tariff. The contract is coming up for renewal.
Cost to renew and upgrade to the iPhone 12 64GB with O2 Unlimited Tariff over 36 months is shown below.
  • 250 x iPhone 12: £4,548.61 per month
  • Unlimited Airtime: £5,012.50 per month
  • Total per month: £9,561.11 ex VAT
As 60% of the staff provided with a business mobile also pay for a personal phone and airtime contract, SmartAdvantage should be a very attractive proposition that would provide a significant saving for both employer and employee.

Employee Benefit

The iPhone 12 64GB with Unlimited Airtime via SmartAdvantage will cost an employee £30 a month, deducted over 36 months via payroll. A saving of 40% versus the equivalent bundle on the high street.

Using SmartAdvantage

Through a SmartAdvantage scheme the employee would contribute a proportion of the cost.
See the savings example below, which uses a 70% employee contribution over 36 months and is based on the 250 employees currently provided business mobiles
  • 250 x iPhone 12: £4,548.61 per month
  • Unlimited Airtime: £5,012.50 per month
  • Total per month: £9,561.11 ex VAT
Employer Savings vs Current Position Monthly: £6,878.36 Saving over 3 Years: £247,621.00
If the organisation offered all 500 employees the chance to join the SmartAdvantage scheme they would still save over £4000 per month versus the current position.

Helping to reduce your carbon footprint

We are passionate about recycling and the environment. Our model is ultimately designed to reduce the number of devices in circulation, so we provide a trade-in option for existing devices at the beginning of each scheme. The trade-in value is then used to reduce the employee balance due. All trade-ins are repaired/refurbished and then re-marketed, putting them back into circulation and reducing demand for new models. We are therefore able to provide a report detailing the quantity, device type and potential CO2 emission impact for employers.

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