Which: Six million UK households struggling to pay telecom bills

The cost of living crisis has meant many households have had to cut down on other essentials to pay for telecom services


Six million households are struggling to afford telecom services such as broadband, landline and mobile phone packages according to an analysis from Which?


Its analysis of Ofcom survey data found around 5.7 million households experienced financial issues regarding telecom services in April 2022- including cancelling their service, switching to other packages or missing payments.


Households experiencing affordability issues increased from 16 per cent in February to 20 per cent in April this year. Those who are facing multiple telecom affordability issues grew by 56 per cent from February to April this year.


The survey found that 3.5 million households in April had reduced their spending on other essentials to afford connectivity- up from 2.2 million households in February.


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