The UK is hoarding 15 million old phones

A study of 2,000 adults showed households across the UK are storing electronic items because they have not had a chance to sort them out…


British households are hoarding nearly 15 million unused phones, according to research by Virgin Media O2.


The research showed that 39 per cent of those surveyed have unused electrical items in their home and 17pc say it’s because they are keeping items as spare in case of breaks, 11pc are hoping to get these items fixed, and 9pc say they don’t know how to get rid of them.


It is estimated that there are 14.7 million mobile phones hoarded by Brits, followed by 7.1 million DVD players, 6.1 million TVs, 5.6 million USB sticks and 4.7 million radios.


Despite the huge amount of electronic items being stored, 31% are worried about how e-waste is affecting the planet and 51% believe more needs to be done to tackle the problem.


Of those surveyed, 25% do not know where the nearest electronic recycle point is but 28% plan to donate goods to charity.



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