Uswitch: More than three million customers could save by switching to SIM-only

Out-of-contract customers are overpaying on mobile contracts, costing them up to 430% more than the current best value SIM-only offers…


More than three million out-of-contract customers could save a total of £670 million annually by switching to SIM-only deals according to Uswitch. These customers could save an average of £207 a year by changing to a SIM-only tariff on a flexible 30-day or 12-month offer.

The cheapest flexible option comes from Lebara, costing £3.95 per month for 1GB of data, 200 minutes of calls and unlimited texts.


If customers want a 12-month contract, Three offers unlimited data, calls and texts for £16 a month, and SMARTY offers 60GB of data for £10 a month including EU roaming. telecoms expert Ernest Doku said: “If you’re out of contract on a pay-monthly deal with your mobile provider it’s important to remember that you now own your handset outright and could reduce your bill dramatically by switching to a SIM-only plan.


“Even if you’re on a ‘split deal’ where you have one plan for your handset and another for minutes, texts and data, you will find that once that ‘airtime’ contract expires, you can likely make additional savings by opting for a SIM-only deal in its place. “If you’re not sure when your current pay-monthly deal ends, check your paperwork from your network and make a note of the end date so you’ll be ready to switch should you see a better deal.”


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